Friday, 25 May 2012

Effects of him

We keep the phone and I call again
We stop messaging and I message again
We look at each other and I look back again
It was like I was not having enough of him
I stay awake at midnight
To read his midnight “goodnight message”
And reply in the morning
To give him an impression
I read it in the morning
We were crazy, I was the craziest
We were naughty, but he was the naughtiest
He loved me for few months, and I still love him
He called it over, and I felt lifeless
He moved on, and I couldn’t find my way.
He hugged another life but I couldn’t.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


I know I am just an option in your life
But my love is stuck in your eyes
I want you to give it back to me
But every morning when I open my eyes
And seeing my love staying there happily
I take a step back, and let it stay there again for a while
I am waiting for the day, when my love would be the first thing
You will give back to me early morning
And I will move out of your life, hugging my love tightly.