Saturday, 16 June 2012


Saajan teri akhiyan hai sabse juda
Inhi akhiyon mei teri dil hai phasa
Saajan teri batiyon mei jaadu hai ghula
Inhi batiyon mei teri mann atka
Bhooli  mai toh, bhooli mai toh
Khudko bhooli
Teri khusboo mei madhosh hui
Dhundhoo teri baahon mei jag apna
Lage mujhe jag mei tu sabse juda.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Journey of life

I am with you for the time unknown
Today or tomorrow, we will be apart
I will be at one corner and you will be at another
Our life will run parallel and will have no corners to meet
I just wish you remember me for all the good reasons
And let them take over the bad ones
I have been a little dumb and a little intelligent
A bit moody and a bit irritating
But I am human with all the traits
Be it positive or negative
One thing I can say for sure
I have neither been selfish nor been against you
The circumstances did bring me into a bad light
I have been pure unlucky, that’s what I believe
But with hope, that one day I will find my right way
Till then I will enjoy the  confused path of mine
I thank you all for being a part of my life.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Nature vs Nature

A morning so fine, it looks at me and smile
Breeze so cool, it touches me and play
Rain so charming, it holds my hand and dance
Look at the naughty rainbow with its beautiful colors
It winks at me and tease
I wish my little ones could see this beauty of nature
I am afraid though, they may not
With the dark clouds of pollution and falling trees
I may keep them indoors, far away from acid rain
The breeze may carry weapons to hurt my little ones eyes
I will shut the windows, and not let her touch their eyes
I will miss the rainbow,
I know I will only find it in my children’s book
A history, I will recall and tell them it was beautiful.