Saturday, 15 September 2012

Na I don't.....

·         No no no
I don’t miss you
I walk alone on the road
Humming “I miss you”
But I don’t miss you!

·         I keep looking at my cell
Hoping it will flash your name again
But I think that’s a habit
I don’t miss you
No, not at all!

·         I hug my pillow tight
Just like I hugged you
But that doesn’t mean
I miss you!

·         I look at the wall unknowingly
I don’t even realize for how long
It’s just the way I use to look at you
I think that’s an addiction again
It absolutely does not mean
I miss you!

·         No no no
I don’t miss you
No,not at all!

Sunday, 9 September 2012


This is so true, I wanted to write exactly something like this. Life is really too short to hurt and deceive people, use it to spread smiles and not tears, after all we all are answerable for our deeds.A little help to the needy, a little promise you just manage to keep, and the much needed truth you are able to say can be so much helpful to any person in so many different ways.Don't cheat, just don't cheat with me the sadness "cheating" brings in a person's life is one of the most grave "sadness". It breaks trust and confidence of the person entirely. Just say the truth..that solve all the issues, its much much better option than cheating.Atleast you will be praised for saying the truth.
"You get what you give, whether its good or bad"...I firmly believe that its true...

Thursday, 6 September 2012


v  Baby I wanted you to know
that I love you with all my heart!

v  When we walk hand in hand
I feel the magic that this bond holds!

v  When you just look at me
With a smile that you give me
I melt inside like an ice!

v  When you give me your shoulder to lean on
The peace that fills my world
Is beyond expressing in words!

v  When you come close to me
I light up inside
The sudden urge to touch you
Grows deeper and deeper inside!

v  When you close your lips around mine
Is when I believe that you are all mine<3

Sunday, 2 September 2012


I am tired of being judged so much
I am tired of fulfilling other’s expectations
I am tired of being responsible
I am tired of being good all the time!

At times, I crave for an immature life
An irresponsible, un-judged life
May be I just crave for a pampered life!

Hell...I mean every word:-/