Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roothey Rab

Hui toh kuch khata aisi,
Hum roothe aur rab rootha,!
Na karenge baat ab hum kabhi,
Kehkar rab ko aankhe moondh li!
Socha unhe apni galti ka ahsaas ho chala hoga
Toh aakhen khol kar hum bhi Chhama maang lenge!
Ankhe khuli, toh hum aakash se dharti par pare they
Roothey rab na jane kaha kho gaye!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Protection,unlimited love and affection and delicious food…this what comes when you reach home.
I reached mine yesterday (1 Nov,2013) just for a week.
I missed all those three when I stay in Hyderabad and to an extent where I started looking for one.
Protection---An independent girl in a city,living and earning money sounds so good but the reality is far away from what it seems. I only feel protected when I lock myself in my rented house because even neighbours can’t be trusted.Home…where your parents protect you even from catching cold, so I badly miss that unlimited protection which I know I will never ever get anymore.With India becoming the rape capital of the world, staying locked at home after office seems much better option to me.I have started enjoying watching lots and lots of movies on TV and laptop in my locked home during my free time. Going out means inviting lewd comments, non-stop stares, and groping. I have stopped going out alone anywhere, if I am not going out with group of friends, I am staying home..thats it.
Love and affection---This sounds funny to me now, the love and affection that my parents gave me since my birth, I have realised that its irreplaceable, finding even closer to it, you will get only and only dissapointment.
I won’t deny I tried finding one, I won’t narrate it, its self-explanatory, depression, dissapointement, to an extent I even tried leaving the city.But I was fortunate enough, I have my sister and few friends who supported me during those unfortunate times and said that leaving the city is not the solution, the solution is to be careful and not repeating the mistake. I have trusted people who may be right in their own way but definitely NOT RIGHT FOR ME.I fell for looks, I fell for over support which I didn’t realise and I still regret it, “NOTHING COMES FOR FREE” mantra needs to be accepted in life is what I have learned in my quest for unlimited love and affection. You only get that from your parents, siblings and to an extent from close group of friends.I am also happy that while I was too innocent to realise I was doing wrong, but with God’s grace I had my mind definitely in place and when I realise they can harm me, I got rid of those “NOT RIGHT FOR ME” people.
Delicious food---Well, nothing can replace food prepared by mums. But, since I learned cooking so to an extent I satisfy my craving for good food by cooking oneJ

I made mistake, but I will try not to make many more and definitely not repeat the previous oneJ

Thursday, 24 October 2013


I realised that I don't like farewell
Today when one of my best collegue was leaving the organization,
and I had to say something about her, I fumbled with words
Coz I had such a strong flashback of happy-sad moment
which we shared together in the last two and half years I just couldn't put it in few words!!!
Even when am putting my feelings down here, I have tears in my eyes!!
Those years just went by and I never ever realised that I will miss her this badly!!

Friday, 11 October 2013


26 alphabets, different combination, permutation and hell lot of fun, happiness, sorrow,insult, war and far fetched peace!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It was magical for me..

I see that beautiful white temple everyday in Hi-Tech, Madhapur(Hyderabad) on my way to home from office. Without entering, I just whisper God’s name every time I pass by and always think I will go inside when I will get the call as I am a firm believer that you cannot enter a temple unless and until you get the call from the almighty. I have been staying here for the past two years and never entered that temple until today.
I was fasting on every Thursday but due to sickness and late work hours, I thought I will do udydapan (ending the fast). I searched on net and found today (20th August 2013) to be the auspicious day to do udyapan. So I took leave from office, and asked my roommate if she would like to come along with me. She said yes, but she is into night shift so it got a little late.
We got ready and I bought yellow cloth, banana, and sweets. We went to Jagannath temple in Banjara Hills but unfortunately by the time we reached, the temple was closed. I asked the shoe keeper if I can meet any pundit as I have to give all udyapan things to him. He called a pundit and I handed over things to him along with dakshina. He said, in the evening during aarti he will offer it to God. I said thanks to him but I was somehow disappointed as I thought temples are open 24/7.Anyway, me and my friend still went inside the temple, though we couldn’t see any statue of god as the gates were closed, we clicked some random pictures and came back home.
I bought sweets to give to poor people but I couldn't find any. So, I thought I will visit the temple nearby my house and offer sweets to them.
I went to the temple nearby my house but could only find one lady outside the temple asking for money. I offered her the sweet and she was happy to have itJ.I was still left with few sweets. I went to one more temple, that too nearby, I prayed there but couldn’t find anyone whom I can offer sweets.
Then, I remember this white temple in Hi-tech, I started walking and reached that temple in 20 minutes. To my surprise, that was Jaganath temple and aarti was going on. I was very happy as I could finally attend aarti of Lord Vishnu.  I sat there, curtains were removed and finally I saw the magical statue of lord Vishnu. I ate Prasad, and started returning home. On my way back home, I found too many people, I offered them sweets and happily came back.
“In the entire episode, if one can relate to God, you can sense the magic, otherwise it was just another day”
”For me it was “MAGICAL”J

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Parting away

You say “I am with you”
Till you find “someone else”
Ignoring the depth of emotions
I went through!!!
Ignoring the promises
You made once
Of being together!!!
And yes, of course
Ignoring the little one
We dreamt together
“He or she” would be just like you or me!!!

"Parting for life" is what you meant
But unfortunately
I couldn't ignore
Your promise, my love, and our dreams!!!

I couldn't ignore the eyes
Where I saw my little one looking at me
The heart which had place for me once
The smile, which melted my heart
And made me fall in love with you
Each time!!!!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Ab toh aasuon ne bhi sath chhoda
Keh kar gaye,hum rahe toh tu
Iss zakhm ka sath kabhi na chhoregi
Hame hi malham samajhkar zakhm ko paal  rahi hai tu
Kaise samjhaye,
Hum zakhm ki gahrayi ka ahsas karate hai
Malham banker usse bharna hamara kaam nahi!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013


You say- you don't have time
Even before you say "hi" to me
But you never understood
I never meant to eat up all your time
I just have the desire to see you everyday for fraction of seconds
when you stay closeby
I know that's too much to ask for
But what do I do?
Am just spoiled by one of your habit
when you first met me
and couldn't stay without seeing me everyday!!
Now even after weeks you don't have time for me
I think its time for me to stop thinking about you
Coz that's the reason am unable to stay without seeing you!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Kabhi fursat mile toh ek baar beetey hue kal ko palat kar jaroor dekhna

Ki kahi koi khata toh nahi ho gayi

Ki kahi kisi ke gamon ka karan toh nahi ban gaye

Ki kahi kisi ki muskarahat toh nahi chheen li

Ki koi wada karke toh nahi mukar gaye

kyunki kisi ki zindagi ko chhati pahuchake gaye toh

Khuda bhi jannat mei yahi kahega

ki ja bande pehle uski zindagi me

khushi ban ke dikha

tab tujhe jannat kya hoti hai

uska aabhas hoga!!!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Mukre jo aap jaban dekar
Hum bhi khamosh rahe
Yahi soch kar
Kaise unke saath zindagi basar karenge
Jo apne shabdo ki kadar na kar sake
Wo hamari kya kadar karenge!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


I fight with you
I scream at you
I shed tears coz of you
All these emotions
Coz I want to be with you

Today I am becoming silent
not fighting, not screaming
and my eyes are running dry

I guess that's the signal
I am ready to bid adieu
Leaving you to add some value in my valueless life
Thanks to you
You made me realize
I am valueless for you
but there is someone out there
I need to find
who will value me like I did to you!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

15 minutes limelight and its side-effects

I was having conversation with few of my intellectual friends (their thinking go way beyond mine, so they are for me intellectual) on this craze among each one of us to be in limelight .From Rakhi to Mika to Arvind (excluding Anna),except remembering their name, the only thing that I have learned and known about them hasn’t been so pleasant, but still limelight becomes life and they throw their calculated self to the world.
Drawing inferences from this media limelight to common man’s life, we often come across people in our day to day life, who for that 15 min success, can go to any extent from backstabbing, to bitching to lying or betraying, every possible thing they will do and in most of the cases they get the limelight they have been working so hard (in a wrong way) for.
But what after that 15 mins is over, I guess the cycle again continue like a vicious circle.
At this point our discussion took a pause, we took a deep breath, as we all could sense the “side-effects” of this vicious circle:
·         Losing trust: As we our self are involved in betraying, lying, back stabbing, bitching that we lose our strength of trusting someone which includes our family members too.

·         Fear of being caught: We live in constant fear of being caught all the time which is so hazardous.

·         Losing our well-wisher: People who accidently trusted us, believed us, had faith on us, those people are our well wisher and just because of that 15 mins fame, we betrayed them, we lost them, which is like losing one lifeline (like the one in KBC).

·         Lonely for life: We don’t realize this in early stage, but slowly we make our self unwanted to the world and hence take step towards loneliness which is forever. The practice of putting other’s down doesn't stay restricted only to outside people but it takes into its clutches “our beloved family too”. We unknowingly practice it in our family too and pass it on to our offspring. I have seen this happening, where a man, a very successful in his field (needn't be explained ‘how”), couldn't see his younger brother progressing and tried every possible thing to bring him down. The man’s wife and children inheritated the same traits, but now what mother doesn't trust her children and children doesn't trust their parents, all of them lonely and lost their strength of trusting anybody.
Hmm, these were our heavy discussion, the conclusion drawn was a healthy competition is always welcome but once you make it dirty, you will never be able to wash the dirt off you your entire life.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Return to humanity

“Return to humanity” is what I believe to be the message that needed to be spread across the country. Parents and teachers should focus on teaching about “humanity” right from the time a little one comes into the world, it’s just like making the root stronger. So, that the coming generation becomes more sensitive and respectful towards others. Let us make them strong enough, so that they raise voice against the “sickness” prevailing in the country. And for those “inhuman”, believers of “disrespect”, law should be made strong enough to teach them about their “wrong-doings”. A strong law with much stronger execution of the law is what I believe the country is looking forward too.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


I need you more than you think I do
Coz the moment I take my eyes off you
I miss you!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Wounded Life

A womb carried life on a bumpy bus ride, life do not remember if she enjoyed it but the life knew her womb cried in pain as she beard the negligence of others. She cried and cried and when she saw her breathless baby, she cried more. With God’s mercy the breathless started breathing. She took her in her arms and kissed her first baby with the joy unmatchable, but the life had to bear the negligence of others throughout her life. Born with half blinded eye and weak memory, the real life of the life started. The life saw her womb getting beaten up every other day, heard her painful cry, she couldn't do anything but to cry with her. With inadequate food the life grew carrying the wound of her womb. Wound that the life knew will never heal. Wound kept spreading inside life, growing bigger and bigger in size, making life sensitive to the world. Life tried to heal the wound, but the wound is too stubborn she wouldn't leave her beloved life. With the passing time the wound became
"the life", as the life waited to succumb to her wound.