Thursday, 21 February 2013

15 minutes limelight and its side-effects

I was having conversation with few of my intellectual friends (their thinking go way beyond mine, so they are for me intellectual) on this craze among each one of us to be in limelight .From Rakhi to Mika to Arvind (excluding Anna),except remembering their name, the only thing that I have learned and known about them hasn’t been so pleasant, but still limelight becomes life and they throw their calculated self to the world.
Drawing inferences from this media limelight to common man’s life, we often come across people in our day to day life, who for that 15 min success, can go to any extent from backstabbing, to bitching to lying or betraying, every possible thing they will do and in most of the cases they get the limelight they have been working so hard (in a wrong way) for.
But what after that 15 mins is over, I guess the cycle again continue like a vicious circle.
At this point our discussion took a pause, we took a deep breath, as we all could sense the “side-effects” of this vicious circle:
·         Losing trust: As we our self are involved in betraying, lying, back stabbing, bitching that we lose our strength of trusting someone which includes our family members too.

·         Fear of being caught: We live in constant fear of being caught all the time which is so hazardous.

·         Losing our well-wisher: People who accidently trusted us, believed us, had faith on us, those people are our well wisher and just because of that 15 mins fame, we betrayed them, we lost them, which is like losing one lifeline (like the one in KBC).

·         Lonely for life: We don’t realize this in early stage, but slowly we make our self unwanted to the world and hence take step towards loneliness which is forever. The practice of putting other’s down doesn't stay restricted only to outside people but it takes into its clutches “our beloved family too”. We unknowingly practice it in our family too and pass it on to our offspring. I have seen this happening, where a man, a very successful in his field (needn't be explained ‘how”), couldn't see his younger brother progressing and tried every possible thing to bring him down. The man’s wife and children inheritated the same traits, but now what mother doesn't trust her children and children doesn't trust their parents, all of them lonely and lost their strength of trusting anybody.
Hmm, these were our heavy discussion, the conclusion drawn was a healthy competition is always welcome but once you make it dirty, you will never be able to wash the dirt off you your entire life.