Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It was magical for me..

I see that beautiful white temple everyday in Hi-Tech, Madhapur(Hyderabad) on my way to home from office. Without entering, I just whisper God’s name every time I pass by and always think I will go inside when I will get the call as I am a firm believer that you cannot enter a temple unless and until you get the call from the almighty. I have been staying here for the past two years and never entered that temple until today.
I was fasting on every Thursday but due to sickness and late work hours, I thought I will do udydapan (ending the fast). I searched on net and found today (20th August 2013) to be the auspicious day to do udyapan. So I took leave from office, and asked my roommate if she would like to come along with me. She said yes, but she is into night shift so it got a little late.
We got ready and I bought yellow cloth, banana, and sweets. We went to Jagannath temple in Banjara Hills but unfortunately by the time we reached, the temple was closed. I asked the shoe keeper if I can meet any pundit as I have to give all udyapan things to him. He called a pundit and I handed over things to him along with dakshina. He said, in the evening during aarti he will offer it to God. I said thanks to him but I was somehow disappointed as I thought temples are open 24/7.Anyway, me and my friend still went inside the temple, though we couldn’t see any statue of god as the gates were closed, we clicked some random pictures and came back home.
I bought sweets to give to poor people but I couldn't find any. So, I thought I will visit the temple nearby my house and offer sweets to them.
I went to the temple nearby my house but could only find one lady outside the temple asking for money. I offered her the sweet and she was happy to have itJ.I was still left with few sweets. I went to one more temple, that too nearby, I prayed there but couldn’t find anyone whom I can offer sweets.
Then, I remember this white temple in Hi-tech, I started walking and reached that temple in 20 minutes. To my surprise, that was Jaganath temple and aarti was going on. I was very happy as I could finally attend aarti of Lord Vishnu.  I sat there, curtains were removed and finally I saw the magical statue of lord Vishnu. I ate Prasad, and started returning home. On my way back home, I found too many people, I offered them sweets and happily came back.
“In the entire episode, if one can relate to God, you can sense the magic, otherwise it was just another day”
”For me it was “MAGICAL”J

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Parting away

You say “I am with you”
Till you find “someone else”
Ignoring the depth of emotions
I went through!!!
Ignoring the promises
You made once
Of being together!!!
And yes, of course
Ignoring the little one
We dreamt together
“He or she” would be just like you or me!!!

"Parting for life" is what you meant
But unfortunately
I couldn't ignore
Your promise, my love, and our dreams!!!

I couldn't ignore the eyes
Where I saw my little one looking at me
The heart which had place for me once
The smile, which melted my heart
And made me fall in love with you
Each time!!!!