Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roothey Rab

Hui toh kuch khata aisi,
Hum roothe aur rab rootha,!
Na karenge baat ab hum kabhi,
Kehkar rab ko aankhe moondh li!
Socha unhe apni galti ka ahsaas ho chala hoga
Toh aakhen khol kar hum bhi Chhama maang lenge!
Ankhe khuli, toh hum aakash se dharti par pare they
Roothey rab na jane kaha kho gaye!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Protection,unlimited love and affection and delicious food…this what comes when you reach home.
I reached mine yesterday (1 Nov,2013) just for a week.
I missed all those three when I stay in Hyderabad and to an extent where I started looking for one.
Protection---An independent girl in a city,living and earning money sounds so good but the reality is far away from what it seems. I only feel protected when I lock myself in my rented house because even neighbours can’t be trusted.Home…where your parents protect you even from catching cold, so I badly miss that unlimited protection which I know I will never ever get anymore.With India becoming the rape capital of the world, staying locked at home after office seems much better option to me.I have started enjoying watching lots and lots of movies on TV and laptop in my locked home during my free time. Going out means inviting lewd comments, non-stop stares, and groping. I have stopped going out alone anywhere, if I am not going out with group of friends, I am staying home..thats it.
Love and affection---This sounds funny to me now, the love and affection that my parents gave me since my birth, I have realised that its irreplaceable, finding even closer to it, you will get only and only dissapointment.
I won’t deny I tried finding one, I won’t narrate it, its self-explanatory, depression, dissapointement, to an extent I even tried leaving the city.But I was fortunate enough, I have my sister and few friends who supported me during those unfortunate times and said that leaving the city is not the solution, the solution is to be careful and not repeating the mistake. I have trusted people who may be right in their own way but definitely NOT RIGHT FOR ME.I fell for looks, I fell for over support which I didn’t realise and I still regret it, “NOTHING COMES FOR FREE” mantra needs to be accepted in life is what I have learned in my quest for unlimited love and affection. You only get that from your parents, siblings and to an extent from close group of friends.I am also happy that while I was too innocent to realise I was doing wrong, but with God’s grace I had my mind definitely in place and when I realise they can harm me, I got rid of those “NOT RIGHT FOR ME” people.
Delicious food---Well, nothing can replace food prepared by mums. But, since I learned cooking so to an extent I satisfy my craving for good food by cooking oneJ

I made mistake, but I will try not to make many more and definitely not repeat the previous oneJ