Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Ugatey suraj ke saath ,
Nikale they kitabon ke panno ko palatne!
Duniya ko unn panno ke dwara samajhne!
Kya tha itihaas, kya hoga itihaas!
Kaise ghoomti hai dharti, ya kaise
Cham-chamatey hai taare!!
Kuch aise hi sawalon ka jawab,
Paane nikle they!!
Kuch toh sirf aksharo ko samajhne nikle they!
Nanhi ungliyon mei, kalam ko pakarne nikle they!!
Kya maloom tha,
Kitabon ke panno se pare,
Basti hai buzdilon ki ek duniyan!!
Dubtey sooraj ke saath,
Un goliyon ke thamne ke saath,
Hum hi kurbaan ho jayenge!
Par ek sawaal hum buzdilon ke liye
Chorr gaye,
Kya tha hamara kasoor?
Hum toh bas
Parne nikale they !!L

RIP little kids :'-(

Thursday, 4 December 2014


When sun was about to rise
And birds were about to fly!
I saw u standing in the corner
Of an alley!!

You looked so charismatic
With your eyes so enigmatic!
I melted like an ice,
With the warmth of your magnetic smile!!

With the rising sun
And chirping birds!
I was intoxicated,
With your aromatic scent!!

So many such emotions
Crossed my mind!
As we walked a mile,
You held my hand
And took your ring back!!

Sunday, 9 November 2014


When I sat on the rock at the beach
Watching the waves beating on the shore!
She came next to me
In her elegant white dress
With her angelic smile she said
I am “Sarah”
Do you mind if I sit next to you?
I said “ofcourse” you can!!
She stared at the sea
And then looked at me
I see you here often
She said in a soft voice
I smiled,
Peace draws me here
Every single day!!
But I never saw you here!
She laughed and started running
On the long beach !!
Shouting “peace is what I found”
When I went along with the sea
Like the sun setting in the sea!!
I smiled and shouted back
I’ll let the life take its own course!!
Till the time let me fight
The adversity of life!
So, when I finally lay at peace
I wouldn’t be noticing anyone
Sitting on the rock at the beach!!!

Friday, 12 September 2014


She is walking by
You stood stand still
With cell in your hand
A smirk and a raised eyebrow
You chose a perfect focus
For another of so many
Of your sneaky clicks!!

She is unaware
Of your malicious intentions
Photoshopped or rather
Dissected her!!

There you go
Releasing another one
On the net

She is passed to millions
And you still checking
The little counting thing!!!

She is virtually humiliated
She doesn’t even know

When she comes to know
The next morning
You pick up the newspaper
There she is in the front page… no more!!

The misuse of cellphone
Took her life
All her fault was
She just walked by!!!!

Monday, 21 July 2014


Bhavnaye bayan karne ka ab andaj naya hai
Parikalak jab bana mitra tab
Antarjal ki mohmaya mei khoya insaan hai ab
Rishtey banane aur bigadne ki teevrata
Ab prakash se bhi jyada hai
Antarjal ki maya ne aisa dabocha
Insaan ne usse hi apna
Swarg banaya hai!!


Mastisk mei chhaye chintaon ke baadal
Se aankhein bhi dhundhl se hoti hai
Duniya kahe lagtey ho khoye hue
Kaise dikhaye unhe

Adrhsya pardey in aankhon ke!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Never wanted a "HER"

Walking down the streets
Can see miles full of humans
She should be content
As it’s the breed she belongs to
They can’t hurt her
Misbelief it was!

In the scorching sun,
When she walks down the street
Her little one is waiting
In the school for her
His eyes look for her
As far as they can see!

She is running out of time
She is worried coz she know
A tear might have rolled down
From his innocent eyes!

A herd of her breed
Walking along with her
Her worries for her little one
Blinded her brain
As it failed to signal
She is in potential danger!

Little did she know
She was their prey
They laughed at every pain
They gave to her
She took her last breath
And prayed for her little one
This is the reason she said

She never wanted a “HER”!!!

Saturday, 17 May 2014


As a kid, I ran towards streets
To see the magnificent light,
Fireworks light!
In the darker night
They shine so bright!
For a moment
Creating the illusion
of bursting stars!!

As a grown up
I hear the noise
Sounds like gunshot all the time!
I still run towards my balcony
To see the direction of the noise
I fail to notice the bright light in the sky
All I see is the flock of birds fleeing away in fear!!
When I look down my balcony
Couldn’t see a single dog
As they ran in fear
To hide somewhere!!

As a kid, I remember sparrows
They were everywhere
Chirping with the rising sun
And reminding me
It’s time to get up
I never needed an alarm clock
To wake up!!

As a grown up,
My eyes look for them
As I realise
Grains in my balcony went untouched !!
What have we done!!
Fireworks, space less apartments,
Glittering plastic plants and plastic sparrows
Is that all we needed
In place of sparrows!!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Life lesson

#1. Life lesson

Learn mixing sugar in people's life not chillis,Sugar blends perfectly in milk(life), unfortunately people add chillis and ruin the milk(life).

Monday, 7 April 2014


With the upgrading world, you are upgrading yourself, then why do you expect women to stay conventional, how can you forget they are part of the changing world, just like you!!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Afwa ki hawa ne hai fir zor pakra
Shikanje failaye, muskuraye
Chali woh kasne
Na jane aur kitne maasum se rishtey!!

Hum bhaagtey hi reh gaye
Usse nakartey hi reh gaye
Aakhir zakhm  toh de gayi woh
Rishtoh mei daraar toh bana gayi woh!!

Beautiful addition to this by one of my friend Mohit Aggrawal;

Bhar dete daraaro ko bhi gar zakhmo ko seene ka hunar hume aata.. 

Ladkhadaate rehna hume bhi achha nhi lagta. 

Betarteeb si faili ye afwaahei sach na ho na sahi... 

par hum ghayaal hai aur bebas hai, isme to koi shaq nahi!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


You came into my life saying trust me
Giving me a beautiful dream to live on
‘I am yours’ you said out loud
But before the echo could die out
You replaced it with
The ‘silent treatment’
Kept me wondering
What went wrong?

And I realized you just ‘changed’

Monday, 20 January 2014


Naazuk si dor se badhi yeh zindagi
Aadhiyon se bhi lad gayi woh
Tha sabar Insaan mei tab
Tas se mas na hone diya zindagi ko
Dikhti hai aaj chitakti hui yeh dor
Jab Insaan ne diya sabar ka sath chhor!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


When eyes look tired
When brain go haywire
When you start loosing things 
When you say pardon to hear again
You know you are done!
Done with misery
Done with tears
Done with fear
And done with "the problem"!

You faced the storm bravely
And you are on the road to recovery
All you need is to empty your mind
Close your eyes
Smile and say!
I am "The Hero"
I fought the storm
And am alive
To spread the smile again!!

Your eyes will sparkle
Your brain will be back
You will collect better things 
And you will pardon others
with the magic of