Monday, 20 January 2014


Naazuk si dor se badhi yeh zindagi
Aadhiyon se bhi lad gayi woh
Tha sabar Insaan mei tab
Tas se mas na hone diya zindagi ko
Dikhti hai aaj chitakti hui yeh dor
Jab Insaan ne diya sabar ka sath chhor!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


When eyes look tired
When brain go haywire
When you start loosing things 
When you say pardon to hear again
You know you are done!
Done with misery
Done with tears
Done with fear
And done with "the problem"!

You faced the storm bravely
And you are on the road to recovery
All you need is to empty your mind
Close your eyes
Smile and say!
I am "The Hero"
I fought the storm
And am alive
To spread the smile again!!

Your eyes will sparkle
Your brain will be back
You will collect better things 
And you will pardon others
with the magic of