Saturday, 17 May 2014


As a kid, I ran towards streets
To see the magnificent light,
Fireworks light!
In the darker night
They shine so bright!
For a moment
Creating the illusion
of bursting stars!!

As a grown up
I hear the noise
Sounds like gunshot all the time!
I still run towards my balcony
To see the direction of the noise
I fail to notice the bright light in the sky
All I see is the flock of birds fleeing away in fear!!
When I look down my balcony
Couldn’t see a single dog
As they ran in fear
To hide somewhere!!

As a kid, I remember sparrows
They were everywhere
Chirping with the rising sun
And reminding me
It’s time to get up
I never needed an alarm clock
To wake up!!

As a grown up,
My eyes look for them
As I realise
Grains in my balcony went untouched !!
What have we done!!
Fireworks, space less apartments,
Glittering plastic plants and plastic sparrows
Is that all we needed
In place of sparrows!!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Life lesson

#1. Life lesson

Learn mixing sugar in people's life not chillis,Sugar blends perfectly in milk(life), unfortunately people add chillis and ruin the milk(life).