Thursday, 3 July 2014

Never wanted a "HER"

Walking down the streets
Can see miles full of humans
She should be content
As it’s the breed she belongs to
They can’t hurt her
Misbelief it was!

In the scorching sun,
When she walks down the street
Her little one is waiting
In the school for her
His eyes look for her
As far as they can see!

She is running out of time
She is worried coz she know
A tear might have rolled down
From his innocent eyes!

A herd of her breed
Walking along with her
Her worries for her little one
Blinded her brain
As it failed to signal
She is in potential danger!

Little did she know
She was their prey
They laughed at every pain
They gave to her
She took her last breath
And prayed for her little one
This is the reason she said

She never wanted a “HER”!!!

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