Sunday, 9 November 2014


When I sat on the rock at the beach
Watching the waves beating on the shore!
She came next to me
In her elegant white dress
With her angelic smile she said
I am “Sarah”
Do you mind if I sit next to you?
I said “ofcourse” you can!!
She stared at the sea
And then looked at me
I see you here often
She said in a soft voice
I smiled,
Peace draws me here
Every single day!!
But I never saw you here!
She laughed and started running
On the long beach !!
Shouting “peace is what I found”
When I went along with the sea
Like the sun setting in the sea!!
I smiled and shouted back
I’ll let the life take its own course!!
Till the time let me fight
The adversity of life!
So, when I finally lay at peace
I wouldn’t be noticing anyone
Sitting on the rock at the beach!!!