Monday, 2 November 2015

Darker corner of mind

Darker corner of  mind
Tries to come in light!
In a sleepy night!
Wet pillow and teary eyes


That gonna be another of many
Sleepless night??

She gathers courage
And wiped her tears!
She screamed whisperigly
You are forgotten past!


Said the smirking past!!

She said out loud

Turned her pillow
Hugged her teddy,
As the fur comforted her
She slept peacefully!!!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Walk away

Walk away....before you get used to saying ''I am used to it''
Walk away....before you start getting scared to put your feelings ahead
Walk away....before you get used to your ''blackened eyes''.
Walk away....before weakness sets in
Walk away....before it's  ''too late'' to walk away!!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Setting you free!!

When bitterness sets in,
Smile fading away
When caring is a burden
And meeting means no more
But a duty,
When “busy” is all you hear
And guilty sets in
 As to why are you “way too free”?
It’s time for you to
Set the person free!!

It will hurt a lot
But tears will pay a visit
To accompany you
To comfort you!!

Time will heal the pain
And soon you will be able
To bid adieu to tears!!

You too will be able to walk away
And feel a sense of freedom
As “emotional” baggage
Will loosen up
And make way for
Happiness to  set in!!

PS: Poetry sets in as I was feeling bored ;-P
It's 6:47 PM, finally going for a dinner treat
And will definitely set the boredom free :-P

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I feel free but yet captive
To the memories that are here to last
Clueless…..for how long!!
Some sweet, some bitter
Memories of every colour

Also of tears, rolling down the eyes
At times of sheer joy and
At times of walking through the difficult times

Also of smiles or rather a loud laughter
At times being silly and
At times of goof ups :-D

Memories of you and me together
Will bid adieu 
When I’ll finally close my eyes

Friday, 24 April 2015

Believe in you-

So many thoughts tangled in my mind
With years of listening, thickening entwines!!!
A lot I heard, a lot I read
I believed in everything
He, she or you said!!
But in all tangled words and thoughts
Believing in me….I forgot!!

At 5 am, when I try to sleep,
They whisper so loud and clear
It’s gotten a little too fastened here!!
When will you untangle us, girl!
When will you start believing in you??
Free your thoughts, free your mind
It’s your life! Not his or hers,
Believe in you, all we can say
When you will open your eyes today
Wish…goodbye to can say!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


On an auto ride,
With the sun so bright!
A charming smile,
And Maui Jim glasses!
He looked so perfect,
I can never suspect !!

A zipless bag!
The very next moment,
I realised
I had an empty bag!!

Looks can be deceptive,
So I got to change my perspective!
And be a detective
For every “coming my way

Deceptive” !!! :-P

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy woman's day!!! Really!!!

In the morning, at 12’oclock
That’s the time when
My eyes wanna see the flying flock!!
A beep I hear
And reached for my cellphone lying near!!
It’s my daily dose of news
I subscribed to online FB news!!
It read-
“6 years old raped in Ahmadabad
With an iron rod soaked in blood
Police found in the plot!!!”

The last night when I went to sleep
She cried for soil stains on her frock!!
And when I opened my eyes
She was silent
With blood stains on her frock!!

A thousand voice echoed in my head
“Scantily clad”, “you deserve to be dead”
“You out at night”, so “we have the right”
“To harass you”, “to kill you”
“You deserve this”, “for your sin”
“To be born as a woman”

I wonder how we would
Explain to  a 6 years old
Why this happened to her?
Oh! Wait a second!
How does the age matter?
She is still “her”
We don’t need a reason
To rape her!!

I shooed the voice in my head
And scrolled down
Irony hit me in my head
When the next message read-


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Baki hai

Lagta hai kuch toh baki hai
Bahuton se mili
Fir bhi kisi se milna baki hai!
Hai ek aisi manzil !
Jaha pahuchna baki hai!
Uss manzil tak le jane wala raasta
Khojna baki hai!!
Baki hai zindagi mei
Khuda ke isharo ko
Samajhna baki hai!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Food for thought

  • People who talk less,LISTEN more

         And eventually they activate their cells of reading between the lines
          So be careful before you try to act smart with them

  • Let your temper not go so out of control that you struggle to control it and ultimately start fearing it.

  • Micro-managing is good when you are handling data, but for a team,it's like a Chinese torture.

  • Attitude defines you,,,adopt it carefully.

  •  What is truly blessed to long live when it takesover human is nothing but are like those sweet short vacation...who leave human real quick and hence short lived.

  • Words carry strong energy....they may either bless you or curse you...and both depends on your be nice n keep your karma positive so that it can fight negative energy!!

          * Fair....taking happiness away since...dunno....
          So many hearts                             colour....not fair
          So many dreams crashed....reason...someone               wasn't being fair!!!!

* You know you are being employed by the best company when you don't feel like you are going to a warzone every morning....

*When words don't make sense,look beyond words,think of actions and the sequence of those they say action speaks louder than will eventually have your answer! You will know if you misunderstood or you were thinking in the right path!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Other Side

What you see as arrogance
Is nothing but a desire to communicate
For people like me!
Who have been cursed with “silent” spell
For eternity!!

What you see as “nervousness”
In our fumbled speech
Trembling hands!
Is nothing but our fight
With the inner self
to overcome “silence”!!

What you see as “insanity”
When we laugh out loud or talk a lot
Or when we talk a little loud
At times you perceive it as “being rude”
Is nothing but a little “win”
We celebrate over our “silence”