Saturday, 21 February 2015

Baki hai

Lagta hai kuch toh baki hai
Bahuton se mili
Fir bhi kisi se milna baki hai!
Hai ek aisi manzil !
Jaha pahuchna baki hai!
Uss manzil tak le jane wala raasta
Khojna baki hai!!
Baki hai zindagi mei
Khuda ke isharo ko
Samajhna baki hai!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Food for thought

  • People who talk less,LISTEN more

         And eventually they activate their cells of reading between the lines
          So be careful before you try to act smart with them

  • Let your temper not go so out of control that you struggle to control it and ultimately start fearing it.

  • Micro-managing is good when you are handling data, but for a team,it's like a Chinese torture.

  • Attitude defines you,,,adopt it carefully.

  •  What is truly blessed to long live when it takesover human is nothing but are like those sweet short vacation...who leave human real quick and hence short lived.

  • Words carry strong energy....they may either bless you or curse you...and both depends on your be nice n keep your karma positive so that it can fight negative energy!!

          * Fair....taking happiness away since...dunno....
          So many hearts                             colour....not fair
          So many dreams crashed....reason...someone               wasn't being fair!!!!

* You know you are being employed by the best company when you don't feel like you are going to a warzone every morning....

*When words don't make sense,look beyond words,think of actions and the sequence of those they say action speaks louder than will eventually have your answer! You will know if you misunderstood or you were thinking in the right path!