Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy woman's day!!! Really!!!

In the morning, at 12’oclock
That’s the time when
My eyes wanna see the flying flock!!
A beep I hear
And reached for my cellphone lying near!!
It’s my daily dose of news
I subscribed to online FB news!!
It read-
“6 years old raped in Ahmadabad
With an iron rod soaked in blood
Police found in the plot!!!”

The last night when I went to sleep
She cried for soil stains on her frock!!
And when I opened my eyes
She was silent
With blood stains on her frock!!

A thousand voice echoed in my head
“Scantily clad”, “you deserve to be dead”
“You out at night”, so “we have the right”
“To harass you”, “to kill you”
“You deserve this”, “for your sin”
“To be born as a woman”

I wonder how we would
Explain to  a 6 years old
Why this happened to her?
Oh! Wait a second!
How does the age matter?
She is still “her”
We don’t need a reason
To rape her!!

I shooed the voice in my head
And scrolled down
Irony hit me in my head
When the next message read-