Friday, 24 April 2015

Believe in you-

So many thoughts tangled in my mind
With years of listening, thickening entwines!!!
A lot I heard, a lot I read
I believed in everything
He, she or you said!!
But in all tangled words and thoughts
Believing in me….I forgot!!

At 5 am, when I try to sleep,
They whisper so loud and clear
It’s gotten a little too fastened here!!
When will you untangle us, girl!
When will you start believing in you??
Free your thoughts, free your mind
It’s your life! Not his or hers,
Believe in you, all we can say
When you will open your eyes today
Wish…goodbye to can say!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


On an auto ride,
With the sun so bright!
A charming smile,
And Maui Jim glasses!
He looked so perfect,
I can never suspect !!

A zipless bag!
The very next moment,
I realised
I had an empty bag!!

Looks can be deceptive,
So I got to change my perspective!
And be a detective
For every “coming my way

Deceptive” !!! :-P