Sunday, 6 September 2015

Setting you free!!

When bitterness sets in,
Smile fading away
When caring is a burden
And meeting means no more
But a duty,
When “busy” is all you hear
And guilty sets in
 As to why are you “way too free”?
It’s time for you to
Set the person free!!

It will hurt a lot
But tears will pay a visit
To accompany you
To comfort you!!

Time will heal the pain
And soon you will be able
To bid adieu to tears!!

You too will be able to walk away
And feel a sense of freedom
As “emotional” baggage
Will loosen up
And make way for
Happiness to  set in!!

PS: Poetry sets in as I was feeling bored ;-P
It's 6:47 PM, finally going for a dinner treat
And will definitely set the boredom free :-P