Friday, 9 December 2016


Reflecting back on 2016...after a long time...I feel this was the most difficult and challenging year for me tested me on many aspects and taught me a lot...things weren't always pleasant....but am the end I feel confident,I feel blessed.....the rough life I went through...made me stronger.....looking forward to 2017 with great enthusiasm☺

Friday, 16 September 2016


लोग पूछे,
मिट्टी की मूरत क्यूँ पूजे 
मुस्कुराकर हम बोले !
मिटटी में ही तो 
खुदा जान फुके !!

Monday, 5 September 2016



Sometimes I feel like
Listening to God's Story
Story narrated by the the "Almighty"!
For years, I shared
Sorrows and happiness
It was like one sided affair!

Experiences of Almighty
Must have been like a
mixed bag of emotions
Some filled with sadness,
some happiness!

Not a word I say
It's almighty's turn
to share
And I wait!!!

Life is too short

Life is too short
To waste on proving yourself to others!

Live the way you want to live
But, don’t harm others
Apologize, when you should!!

Pray wholeheartedly,
Work on realising your dreams
Make mistakes
Learn, at times unlearn
And move on!!

At the end,
Experiences and memories
Are all you will be left with!
Let them be about you
And about your loved ones
If they bring smile....
You’ll know it was worth living!!

Friday, 2 September 2016


You are new
So can you
Take the blame on you?
Repercussion will be low, for you
Not to worry
I am there to help you, go through!
If the truth is out
I will be unmasked
Oh! No, can’t imagine
Myself being unmasked!
I look pretty with the mask on!

She looked at her, with teary eyes
That’s not me, said in a brittle voice!!
As you let me in,
Would return the favour right away
She said, while walking away!!


Sunday, 20 March 2016


Destined to be hated
Destined to being misunderstood
Destined to suffer in silence
Someone yelled out loud...
She...with a smile
Embrased destiny
With open arms!!

Only to change it
Manipulate it
Just the way she likes
To keep it!!

Silence she adored
As she closed
Her eyes
To connect with her soul!!

She heard a whisper
In absolute silence
From someone unknown
Destiny is in your hand
Not in his or hers
You are the creator
So shape it..
The way you like it!

A bright light
Entered her room
Breaking the silence
With chirping cuckoos

As majestic sunrise
Brightens her eyes
Forcing her to open the eyes
The playful tiny rays
Filled her room..
She..with a smile
whispered loudly...
Happiness is the shape
I chose for you...destiny!!!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Cool breeze

Inquietude fed by pang
As he walked away
Stabbing in the back!
Breaking faith
Misleading words!!

Consternation is here to stay
As a guest in wailing eyes
For the time unknown!!

She is trying to pick up million pieces
Of broken faith, of broken heart!
Unknown of the months passing by!!

Tired..she is...
Sitting by the window
Of her un-kept nest!!

A cool breeze
Brushing her hair
Enters her nest, uninvited!
As she look around
The million pieces vanished!!
Bringing a hint of smile
On her lips!!